Fraxel Dual prolonged redness. Will this go away?

In dire need of some advise and reassurance. About four months ago, I walked into a laser clinic in Toronto seeking treatment for a) my pigmentation from acne and b) for the lack of elasticity in my skin. I was treated with fraxel dual and was told I would have a speedy recovery. However, I still have redness and am extremely worried. Will this go away? Is this redness, pigmentation or both? What steps should I take form here? Is it treatable? How long with it last? Thanks

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Fraxel Dual

Redness and some swelling directly after a Fraxel laser treatment is common and should be expected. The majority of the redness will subside the first 7 days after treatment and a small amount of pink, or "rosy glow," will last for a few weeks after the treatment.  For some patients dark tones and spots camouflage underlying redness in the skin and when the hyperpigmentation (dark spots) is corrected the underlying redness becomes more pronounced.  

Contact your practitioner for further questions and concerns.

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Fraxel Dual and redness

Fraxel Dual is my favorite laser for pigmentation and acne scars.  It is unusual to have redness more than a week after the Fraxel laser.  I would suggest that you consult a board certified dermatologist with experience with these lasers for the best cosmetic results.

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