What causes burns during Lipo?

I see some people having issues with being burned. Is this common and how does it happen? What can be done to orevent that?

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What causes burns during Lipo?

Greetings. Recently invented Nutational Infrasonic Liposclupture (NIL) system developed for solving several problems related with prior techniques using surgical incisions to remove excess fat tissue resulting in prolonged operation time, need of general anesthesia, more tissue damage, bleeding, higher complication rate, prolonged healing period and scarring. It is especially affective in difficult and large areas like the abdomen, buttocks, back, upper arms thighs and knees and in such areas superior to Laser Lipolysis System which is designed to be applied in gentle parts of body.

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Liposuction burns - what is the cause?

Thank you for asking about liposuction burns.

  • There are 3 common causes of burns from liposuction.
  • The friction of the cannula can burn the skin. This is avoided by applying protective gel to the skin during surgery. These burns are minor - at most a small scar revision may be needed.
  • BUT using a laser, vaser or other hot liposuction machine, the skin itself can be severely burned - if the doctor doing your surgery lets the machine tip touch your skin. 
  • Also these hot machines can burn the undersurface of the skin - again in the hands of those with inadequate training - and burn the skin from below, causing extensive skin burns.
  • So whoever does your liposuction, see a qualified plastic surgeon, and discuss what kind of machine will be used and if a cold machine like Microaire is appropriate. .

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes, Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD

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Burns from liposuction

A true burn can happen with liposuction devices that cause heat such as the laser lipolysis devices ( i.e Smartlipo) and ultrasonic lipo devices (i.e Vaser).  Some patients develop friction burns ( not really a true burrn) at the access sites from the cannula moving back and forth but those often heal without problems.

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Burns after Liposuction?

Lola.   Not sure i know what you mean about burns associated with liposuction, but there can be a "friction" type of burn or irritation secondary to the liposuction cannula rubbing the skin adjacent to the small incisions used in liposuction.  That type of burn can be prevented by dabbing antibiotic ointment around the incision sites. I have found this effective in preventing friction burns from the liposuction cannula. Also burns can be caused by laser lipo suction machines. Be sure to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon. Good luck!

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Burns during lipo

These can be caused by using too much ultrasonic, laser or radiofrequency during the procedure. Doing lipo without these devices will not lead to burns except at the incision sites. These can be caused by friction. Make certain that you consult with a very experienced board certified plastic surgeon who knows what he (she) is doing with these devices.

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Liposuction and burns

Burns can occur from a laser used for "laser lipolysis" (Smartlipo), and also from ultrasonic liposuction. The laser and ultrasound devices used for liposuction generate heat that can lead to burns. Consider the tumescent technique of liposuction - the safest technique. 

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