Blister and now brown spot after eMatrix/ two. (Photo)

I got ematrix treatment done 2 weeks ago. After ematrix dr used a device to stimulate collagen. So basically an two treatment. She went a little higher setting than what they use for first time patients but not the highest. Second day of treatment, I had a small blister on left side of my cheek. It's now turned into brown spot. Did she burn me? I'm not sure what it is as I understand that those treatment can't burn you. I have a follow up soon but I can't stop thinking abt what could that be.

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PIH Relief after ematrix

Once the blister heals, I recommend that you consider starting Pigmentation Relief COmplex from KareSkin or PIH Relief Complex (Scler-X) along with Melarase cream.

H Karamanoukian MD FACS

EMatrix and safety

The grid marks are normal following eMatrix, however I can not comment on the laser you had afterwards. The best thing to do is be followed up by your Specialist who performed this procedure. Adequate wound care can reduce and skin colour changes. All the best, Dr Davin Lim 

EMatrix and Blisters

Thank you for posting the photo.  Any laser can five a burn or cause side effects depending on the settings used and the patient's skin type.  I love the eMatrix and use it all of the time.  However, I don't understand what other laser you had afterwards.  I would not recommend that you have another laser immediately after the eMatrix laser.  I would recommend returning to your physician for examination.  For the best cosmetic results please consult an expert in these lasers.  Best, Dr. Green

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