Bellafill and strokes?

Hi, Is the risk of stroke and facial fillers something that happens in the near term or in the long term? like can the filler enter your arteries years later or would it happen relatively early due to a improper initial injection?? I think I am a solid candidate for bellafil in chin, just to even out a prior implant that is a bit asymmetrical, but I don't want to do something that leads to worrying about getting a stroke down the road, however remote it might be.

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Stroke risk and fillers

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There is an extremely remote chance of stroke with fillers. I think there are only a few in the literature. If it were to happen, it would be rather immediate. It wouldn't be something you would have to worry about down the road or even during the procedure. I use cannulas to minimize complications and intravascular injections.

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Bellafill and Strokes

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While there are always risks of injecting a filler into artery at the time of treatment, a filler, once it has been in for a few hours,, does not move and will not migrate into places like a vessel.  Therefore there are none of the risks that you mention from filler injections, Bellafill or any other filler, in the ensuing weeks, months or years.

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Thank you for your question. Stroke is not a side effect of Bellafill or any facial fillers. Bellafill has rare side effects that may include redness, itching, bruising, pain/soreness, swelling and tenderness. I suggest that you move forward by next consulting in person with a board certified facial plastic surgeon.

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Side Effects from Fillers

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Belafill is a long lasting filler that may have the side effect of allergies or swelling or infection. Stoke is not a side effect of fillers.  Voluma is an excellent filler for the chin.  Bellafill is not approved for the chin area.  Best, Dr. Green

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