Is Gainning Weight After a BBL Normal?

Preup I was 208 right before my surgery, 14 days later after I had my brazilian butt lift I gained 14 pounds! How is that possible I mean how can I retain 14 pounds worth of fluids? I didnt even eat a lot only 3 times a day and they were fruits and small portions. I also have hypothyroid but that shouldnt have caused me to gain 14 pounds in 14 days. I feel so bad is this normal??

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Is Gainning Weight After a BBL Normal?

Thank you for your question, Its important to remember that The Brazilian Butt Lift is not a procedure for loosing weight, the fat that is taken out of your body is only relocated to other areas, such as your buttocks. This means that you may be around the same weight after your Brazilian Butt Lift, since all that fat is still inside your body, only in different areas.
Also you need to consider the swelling and water weight after surgery, so yes it is possible to be a little around the same weight after a BBL as the weeks go by you will notice the swelling going down, as well as the weight.
The important matter is how happy you are with your final results.
Good Luck.

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Is Gaining Weight After a BBL Normal?

       Swelling can be substantial after a larger volume liposuction and fat transfer. 




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