Will Depo Provera affect my surgeries even if I'm off it for a week?

I'm scheduled for TT , BBL and liposculpture April 10th but I'm currently on the Depo Provera shot . It ends march 28th but I know it's in my system for some time.I heard that I can get blood clots in my lungs and legs . However, I'm currently taking multivitamins and in great health . Non smoker /drinker no habits and lab work came back excellent . Since depo is a shot will I still run that same risk whether I choose to do surgery in April or months from now?

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Depo-provera and surgery

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Unfortunately because Depo-Provera is a long lasting contraceptive, with the small span of time between your last shot and surgery date, you would likely still be at high risk for DVT and blood clots. You should at the very least have one full menstrual cycle (28 days respectively) before surgery. My suggestion would be to bring this up with your surgeon and possibly reschedule it for a later date. Safety first!

Thank you for your question and for using good judgement!

Melinda Lacerna, MD, FACS

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