500cc HP silicone implants too big for my 5'4 128 lb frame? Will I achieve cleavage? Should I get a mini TT or full? (Photo)

I like large breasts but do a lot of weight lifting & do not want them in the way under my arms. I will also be getting a lollipop lift. I'm leaning more for a mini tummy tuck as I do not need muscle repair & do not want a huge scare.

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Good breast implant sizing systems available for mommy makeover perspective patients.

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They are good sizing systems were you can "try on" 500 mL implants to see if that is the size you wish.You will be disappointed with a mini tummy tuck. You are a good candidate for a full tummy tuck.

Choosing Implants for Breast Augmentation

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There is no simple answer to the problem of selecting implant size. Everyone has different desires and expectations and different "looks" that they are trying to achieve. In my practice, I like to base the staring point for implant size selection on implant dimensions and breast dimensions. From that point the woman's desires determine the exact size. No matter what size is chosen, it is important to make sure that you understand exactly what you're choosing and the implications of those choices.

For more information on choosing implant size, check out the link below.
Best wishes!

Alexander G. Nein, MD, MS, FACS
Nashville Plastic Surgeon

Deciding on Implant Type and Size with Mommy Makeover

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Here are some helpful guidelines. Usually if a woman wears a size 36 AB bra and would like to be a C cup, which is the average size that women wear and the average size bra that is sold, she needs a volume of approximately 350 to 390 cc to make that change. This becomes less if she's wearing a 34 bra, because it has a smaller strap size and the cups have a smaller diameter. A smaller diameter implant would then be a volume of approximately 300 to 350 cc. In the same way if she was more petite, maybe a double zero or size one and wore a 32 AB bra, then to become a 32C cup she would only require about 250 to 300 cc. This is a general number, and of course there are other factors that will affect this. 

Each implant have their benefits. #SalineImplants is made with a #silicone outer shell that is filled with saline water during the surgery. It is filled with sterile saline (salt-water). Since saline is like normal body fluid, it is safe and easily absorbed if the implants were to leakThe #implant shell is ordered in a specified size which can be filled to a minimum or maximum fill amount. This allows the plastic surgeon some flexibility with sizing during surgery. Often times a woman has breasts which vary slightly in size. If one breast is slightly smaller than the other, each implant can be filled to a different amount to create better symmetry. Saline tends to be a little less natural feeling than silicone, but it can also create a more dramatic upper breast appearance, which some women prefer. A new saline breast implants option called Ideal Implant™ was recently FDA approved and was created for women who are not comfortable having silicone implants in their body, but desire a more natural feeling implant than traditional saline implants on the market. The unique structure of the Ideal Implant allows for a similar look and feel as silicone with the safety of saline. 
#SiliconeImplants are made with a silicone outer shell and are filled with a gummy-bear consistency silicone on the inside. More women tend to choose silicone breast implants due to the natural feel and appearance. Silicone implants are now made of a cohesive gel which are anti-leak even when cut. Look and feel like natural breasts due to the cohesive silicone gel material. New generation silicone gel implants are far superior than those used in the past and have a proven track record of safety. Silicone implants have gone through more testing than any other medical device and are the preferred choice for over the muscle implant placement. 
To further ensure the safety, the FDA recommends women have periodic MRI testing to ensure their silicone implants are free from any defects. With both implant types there are choices 
#Shaped implants are all #textured and should not rotate when used properly. In my practice, about 20% of the patients benefit from shaped implants. Your Plastic Surgeon needs to measure you and determine the best shape and size of any implants that are used.

Furthermore, a Breast Lift with the Implants may be something to consider. 
Getting #BreastImplants without a #BreastLift is usually said to be mistake by many patients who reflect back on the decision. Most breasts will look larger and more droopy with solely implants. They will sag more and sooner, due to the sudden and excess weight. At times it's possible for a “Snoopy” breast or double bubble to develop as a result.

Other factors which contribute to the outcome are size, shape, and profile. 
The #profile is determined by the amount of #projection versus roundness that the you desire, as well as the #size of the implant and size of your chest. Also, the placement or incision location will also have an effect on profile. 
Another element to a satisfying result of your #augmentation is realistic #expectations.
Talk to your surgeon at greater length and be sure to view before and after pictures and reviews beforehand to gain more reassurance of the procedure.

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 116 reviews

Mommy Makeover

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Regarding your belly, while you are a candidate for a mini-TT, I think a full tummy tuck would best serve you. Then you'll have all of the loose lower abdominal skin removed and your diastasis repaired once and for all.

I think you would have a good result like your wish pic from a vertical augmentation/mastopexy. Weather or not HP 500 ml gel is good for you depend on sizing in the clinic with implants and personal preference. They seem a little big to me, but then again, you want large breasts so may be a good size for you. Good luck and thanks for sharing.

Joel Patrick Maier, MD
Cincinnati Plastic Surgeon
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Recommendations Implant size and full vs mini tummy tuck

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Base on your photos I would recommend a full tummy tuck as the tradeoff for the larger scar will be seen in the results of an improved overall result.  A mini tummy tuck really only adressess the area between the navel and pubic region and from your photo it appears that you have some loose skin about your navel which will not be addressed by a mini tummy tuck.  As far as implant size goes 500cc is a large implant for your height and weight.  Im not saying I would not do it but you should realize that the implant is going to be counteracting the effect of the breast lift and will lead to breast ptosis (droop) recurring more quickly than a smaller implant say 300-350cc.  Best of luck. Make sure your surgery is performed by a board certified plastic surgeon.  You can find one on ASPS.  

Raymond Jean, MD
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon
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Mommy Makover

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After looking at your pictures I recommend a  Tummy Tuck with a short scar but with muscle tightening and I adamantly am against very large implants.  You have a petite frame and it will only make you look top heavy and defeat the point of the tummy tuck and the breast lift.  I recommend an implant in the 300 cc range.

Smaller Implant + breast lift + full tummy tuck

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Mini surgery + mini results. Mini tummy tuck is reserved for a very specific patient and you wont benefit from it. As for your Breast implant, if combined with a lift, that i completly agree that you need one, the smaller the implant, better result. I would only use 500 ccs in a patient like you, if no lift is performed, knowing that in a near future you will need the lift anyways.

Best of luck,

Luis Eduardo Redondo, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Implants and tummy tuck

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Thank you for your pictures.  Whether 500 cc implants are too big for your frame depends on your physical exam and your desired outcome.  Concerning your tummy, I would recommend a full tummy tuck.


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500 cc might be too much for your body frame. A mini TT is OK but it would not resolve the laxity of the upper abdomen skin. 

Ron Hazani, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills General Surgeon
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Mommy makeover

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Based on your pictures, I feel 500cc HP implants would be to large for your breasts, especially when combined with a lift. 

 As for your abdomen,  your picture shows that you have loose skin extending above your belly button and a small bulge in your lower abdomen. I feel a full tummy tuck with muscle tightening would be the best procedure to address these problem areas. The scar for a regular tummy tuck is placed low on the abdomen allowing it to be concealed with the appropriate type of clothing. Good luck with your decision.

David A. Robinson, MD
Munster Plastic Surgeon
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