What does a pre-op appointment for a breast augmentation consist of?

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Pre-op appointment

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This is where you make your final decision in implant size, shape and placement. Where the surgeon reviews your blood work. Where you sign consent forms and where any last minute instructions are given and questions answered. 
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Preop appointment for breast augmentation

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Thank you for your question.  The preop appointments consist of deciding on implant size, review pre and post operative care instructions, sign consent forms, take pictures and answer any questions you may have.  Best of luck to you!

Pre Op Breast Augmentation

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Dear Lanisha, Thank you for posting your question. A pre-op Breast Augmentation office visits consists of:  reviewing your pre op photos, deciding on the size of your implants, reviewing the written and verbal pre and post operative instructions, reviewing the consent forms, prescriptions, pre-op lab requests and answering any final questions. Best wishes, Dr. Richard Swift

What is done at preop appointment

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Each practice I'm sure is quite different but the basic tenants of the information that should be provided are probably all pretty close. The patient should know where to go, what time to be there, what to wear, what to not bring, what pills they should be off of that may cause bleeding several weeks prior to the procedure as well as get prescriptions for those medications deemed necessary by the physician.  Consents are usually signed and the procedure is paid for at our preoperative appointment. We go through a very long 40+ page document generated by a program called " Inform"in which is delineated what the expectations are of the healing phases of breast augmentation as well as the possible adverse events.You can certainly ask your chosen plastic surgeon what to expect at your individual preoperative appointment. Good luck.  

PreOp BAM Appointment

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Hi lanisha91

The pre-op appointment should be no surprise for you.  During your initial consultation, you should ask the doctor that you have decided upon this question.  Each doctor will do things differently.

In my practice, I will do a final sizing, get photos, get consents, write prescriptions, go over instructions, give written instructions, answer all questions, and be sure that all the details are in order.

Hope that helps.


It is bridge between your first consultation and surgery

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Extent of pre-op appointment will vary from practice to practice. During this visit elements not covered during previous visits are covered, consents are signed, photos are taken and money is paid. 

Breast augmentation pre-op appointment

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Consultations commonly range from 30 to 60 minutes. You’ll have a chance to talk about your expectations and find out what the surgery can accomplish. The doctor will take your medical history, discuss your specific health considerations, examine and measure your breasts, and talk to you about the surgical approach that’s best for you. Together, you’ll consider implant sizes and styles. Finally, you’ll get the details of the procedure, review the risks of surgery, and learn what you can expect during the recovery period. 

In my practice, after your consultation and before your surgery, a pre-op appointment is scheduled with our surgical coordinator. This consists of finding out the dos and don'ts before surgery (no aspirin, no alcohol, for example), getting prescriptions for medication, and reviewing postoperative instructions. 

Breast augmentation

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In our practice, the consultation consists of a review of your general medical health, examination of the breasts, and specific measurements of the breast, to better understand your particular anatomy by the surgeon. Based on the breast measurements and your goals and objectives relative to the size and the look you are going for, will determine the particular type of breast implant. External sizers are used in our office that will help you visually see what you will look like in your own clothes. An informed consent for the procedure will then be discussed detailing the procedure as well as your recovery and postoperative instructions. Prescriptions are also given to you for the medication you will need after your procedure. The entire consultation process takes anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. 

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Dr. Ravi Somayazula

Preoperative appointment for breast augmentation

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In our practice a preoperative appointment for a breast augmentation consists of a thorough history and physical examination. Pre-and postoperative instructions are provided and the selection of proper implants is confirmed. Preoperative photographs are taken at this time.


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At your consultation your surgeon will obtain a full history and do a medical examination followed by measurements and sizing  with various implants and then will go over the risks and benefits of the desired procedure and answer all your questions.

Dr. Corbin

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