I am helpless; I have done 3 dermapen sessions and need advice if I should do fraxel laser too? (Photos)

I am in mid 30s and i always had skin acne ,pigmentation and excess oil production. i so far had 3 dermapen sessions done n it helped a lot in controlling the oil however,The acne and pigmentation on my cheecks are still there. at this point many are advicing i go for fraxel laser treatment and i am helpless on what to really do P.s: i just had my dermapen session done 12 days back and i have no hormonal problems Please advise if i should be going ahead with the fx laser??? Is it a good idea?

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Fraxel and scars- pigmentation

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See this Youtube Video for an explanation. I always approach scars based upon the scar type, then find a treatment that suits them. Yes, Fraxel can help, but a targeted approach will give you the very best results. RegardsDr Davin LimLaser and aesthetics Brisbane, Australia. 

Fraxel for acne scar

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There are three types of Fraxel lasers on the market. For acne scarring you'd be using either the Fraxel Repair (most aggressive Fraxel) or the Fraxel Restore (less aggressive and less downtime). Both of these will offer improvement, but always remember acne scars are best treated with a series of treatments. Generally speaking, laser treatments are going to be more aggressive than needling procedures. Good luck, Dr. M

Jared Mallalieu, DO
Annapolis General Surgeon
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