Navel Hernia Since Birth. It is Okay To Get My Navel Pierced?

I've had a navel hernia since i was born and now am 22 years old, I've been to couple doctors and they all said that I don't need surgery and it's best to be treated if I had some problem after pregnancy and stuff but I would like to know it I got my belly button pierced would it be okay?

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Umbilical (Navel) Hernia and Piercing

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A navel hernia means there is a sac pooching from inside the abdomen along the belly button stalk. In many cases, although the sac is empty it communicates directly with the abdominal cavity. But in some cases abdominal contents (such a piece of intestine) may be in this hernia sac.

In piercing the belly button skin the odds are smallthe piercing would be deeper than the skin. But... do you REALLY want to risk having a hernia sac, or worse yet, a loop of intestine, be pierced by the needle leading to liquid stool run from inside the bowel into the space around the belly button? Personally, even though the risk of such a horrible complication may be low, it is NOT zero and may be disastrous.

Best of Luck from Memphis,

peter A Aldea, MD

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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