Nasolabial folds fillers: What are the downsides in having these injections?

Can the filler form an unsightly beaded pattern under the skin that may not go away ? Also, if too much filler is added to one side, can it be injected with another substance to decrease the non-symmetrical appearance? Or, is one stuck with the appearance after the original injection? Also, what happens to one's smile? Meaning that--will the filler shift under the skin a little when a person smiles causing a distorted smile appearance than before?

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Downside to nasolabial fold injections?

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The most important question to ask is whether injection of the nasolabial fold is right for you.  This of course requires at least a photograph, and better yet a consultation in person.  Properly done fillers to the midface by a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon should give a cosmetically satisfying results with only a small chance of complications.

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Fillers for folds

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You raise alot of questions.If the folds are symmetric then you would put half the syringe on one side and the other half on the other.Can there be lumps and irreguilarities.Sure there can.Then how long will it last.I have gone more and more into injecting a patient's own fat since it is your tissue and there is no rejection.Also you are not limited to say 1 or 2 cc' I think it is better.

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With ALL your concerns the internet NOT the place to respond. You need IN PERSON consultations...///

Nasolabial folds fillers: What are the downsides in having these injections?

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Filler should appear smooth under the skin. However, it can sometimes create bumps or lumps. There is usually asymmetry between the 2 sides of the face and filler can help to correct that. However, in most cases you will still have some asymmetry. Filler can some times effect the smile but not drastically and usually it effects it positively if done correctly. I usually have my patients smile and relax through out injections to see how the filler lays and to make sure I am addressing both sides of the face evenly, this is something you can ask your injector to do as well. If you are unhappy with a filler and it is a hylauronic acid filler then it can easily be shaped or completely dissolved with hylauronidase. 

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Filler in the nasolabial folds

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Filler injected in the nasolabial folds shoukd not cause a beaded appearance when injected in the proper plane. There is always someassymetry to the face even before injections, so some assymetry can remain afterward, but thus is sometimes desirable for a more natural appearance, although itcertainlycan be corrected with a little more filler or a little Vitrase to one side. Fiklers do not distort the smile.

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Filler to the NLFs

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This is a very common site to have filler injections, you should seek a consult with a cosmetic dermatologist or plastic surgeon since you have so many questions that are very easily answered in the office.  Fillers are used daily in these areas with very good results that are natural with long term improvements.  I wish you the best, Dr. Emer.

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