Myomectomy Scheduled Soon. Will Getting Tattoos Around the Same Time Cause Complications?

I am scheduled for a Myomectomy on Dec 5. If they cannot remove my fibroid tumors without too much bleeding it will be a hystorectomy. I know this might be silly but I aslo scheduled to get two small tattoos about 4-5 inches on my back on Dec 1. Will this cause a complication with my surgery. Impulse seem to drive you more when the doctor tells you, you might bleedout on the table. I just want to be prudent about this and not make the surgeons job harder.

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Tattoos Around the Time of Surgery

   Tattoos should not be obtained immediately prior to or immediately following a procedure to minimize risk of infection. 

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Tattoos and surgery

are not a great combo... avoid tattoos until you are well healed from any surgery.  According to your dates, you may have already have had your tattoos.  You should let your surgeon know if you are having any problems with your tattoo PRIOR to your surgery.

Curtis Wong, MD
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I would hold off on the tattoos until after surgery. Any skin irritation from the tattoo can unnecessarily increase your risk for serious wound infection problems. Once you have recovered, that will no longer be an issue.Thanks and best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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