My Front Tooth is Bigger Than the Other One and Looks Disproportionate.

I used to wear braces but I feel that my right front tooth is considerably larger than the other one and protruding as well. Can it be fixed through filing. Please recommend a possible treatment.

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Options to repair chipped tooth

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It looks like you chipped a tooth.  You could even your teeth by placing a composite (tooth colored) filling there or you could get porcelain veneers on your front teeth.  Alternatively, you could try bonding first, and if you aren’t satisfied, you could always get veneers.

Los Angeles Dentist

Symetrical front teeth

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Have you had any trauma to your front right tooth? It looks like there is a chip in it. Your dentist may be able to bond a composite to your right tooth so that it matches up to your left one. If this does not address your concerns, veneers may be an alternative.

Neil Elman, DDS
Mississauga Dentist

One Front Tooth Bigger Than Other

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It is actually your left tooth that is larger than your right one. Your right one looks like it is chipped or worn down on the edge. Your most cosmetic solution would be to place 2 matching Porcelain Veneers on your 2 front teeth

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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