Why is my 6 Year Old Loosing All Her Eye Lashes?

My 6 year old daughter starting loosing her eye lashes so we took her to the dr office, he sent her to the eye dr that said she needed glasses. She has the glasses not the left eye has no eye lashes and now were noticing her right eye is loosing eye lashes...we've been to several dr's and they can't give us a answer.. is this serious? Why is she loosing her eye lashes??

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Loss of eyelashes in a young child

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Most likely this is a form of alopecia areata and you should see a dermatologist to confirm this diagnosis. Trichotilomania was suggested as well, but his condition results in patchy hair loss due to twisting and pulling of hair, usually on the scalp.  If one sees sudden onset of hair loss on a child who is healthy and active and there is no inflammation or crusting to the skin in the site, this is almost always alopecia areata.

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This "tic" is extremely common, sort of like touching your nose or biting nails.  Generally the habit is not harmful and often will improve over time.


Some eye diseases, such as severe blepharitis can cause eyelash loss, but there is usually obvious redness and / or crusting.


Glasses are not a typical treatment, although I suppose it might "block" her fingers a bit.

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Child losing eyelashes

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Two things to consider. Does your child actually pull her own eyelashes out? I know that sounds terrible, but there is a disorder called Trichotillomania. The second thing to possibly consider is called Alopecia Areata.

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