Eyelash Transplant Vs Latisse?

Iam very blonde that my eyeslashes barely seen even with maskara , very thin and very short ...i used to put fake eyelashes that worsen the case...more eyeslashes has fallen appart and didnt grow back ...latise should only grow already existing eyeslashes more but not grow it back i guess ? I love the volume pattern effect on the eyes but anyone can see space between the big sized eyelashes...so my theory is true ? I was looking for eyelashes transplant no pics found , any experience or advices ?

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Latisse to Thicken, Darken, and Lengthen

   Latisse can help the eyelashes not only lengthen but thicken as well.  This will also help with a darkening effect.  Eyelash transplant may be an option, but I do not have any recommendations for that.

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Latisse vs eyelash transplant

Latisse works on any active hair follicles, so as long as you have active follicles, even if the hairs are light or short, they will grow thicker, darker, and longer. If you've damaged any follicles irreparably with fake lashes and they don't have the ability to grow hairs anymore, then no, Latisse will not help there. I don't have any experience with eyelash transplants, sorry. But Latisse would be much less expensive and have absolutely no downtime, so in my opinion, it's worth a shot to try it for a few months and see how you respond.

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
Las Vegas Dermatologist
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