Is my Smart Lipo Incision Healing Correctly? (photo)

i got smart lipo done 11 days ago and the recovery was amazing, im a little bit worried about my left incision i dont know if this is part of the healing process or not the way it looks ill add a picture, i must add there is no redness, no pain, no itch, nothing coming out of the incision but im still worried im just paranoid and i want everything to heal fast is the way it looks normal?? thanks

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Smart Lipo entry point healing

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Your entry site does not look infected.  it is just a little bigger than typical, probably because that port was used a lot and the skin around it irritated as a result.  It should heal without problems but watch for signs of infection which would be warmth, redness, and pus.

Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon

Is my Smart Lipo Incision Healing Correctly?

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Photos shows minor wound separation that can be revised in 3 months after full healing has occurred. 


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At this point without any signs of infection, you need to wait Often these scars contract and look good. If not your scar can easily be revised

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

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Smart Lipo - incision

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If that is your incision site, well it's not perfect.  Some surgeons do not stitch the entry site and instead rely on a steristrip or on a skin glue to do the job.  I prefer a skin glue or stitches that are removed a few days after the surgery to prevent my entry points from popping open.  Fortunately it will heal fine however you may need scar revision if your scar is too wide for your preference.  Best Wishes!!

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