Can I get a refund form a Brazilian butt Lift that went total wrong? They only injected 200ml in each cheek. (photos)

I went to see a BOARD certified plastic surgeon. In San Diego. He told me that because I was a full figured area would be enough fat.He remove 1100cc .but only injected 200ml in total. injected in the area that really need it.the most he want to charger ME to inject 1100cc for an additional 2800 hundred the surgery was a nightmare. They give me to much lidocaine. And I went into cardiac arrest. On the table there was NO anesthesiology to monitor me.I saw the unused fat on the table.

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BBL disaster.

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I am so sorry for your difficulties, especially since you describe this as having been done by a board-certified plastic surgeon. Are you sure this doctor is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery? Or is this "board" the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery? The latter is NOT a member of the American Board of Medical Specialties, which include 24 member boards. The American Board of Plastic Surgery IS one of these 24 member boards, whereas the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery is a self-designated board comprised of predominantly Dermatologists and other physicians that did not complete a full plastic surgical fellowship.

These doctors are not "real" plastic surgeons, and often do not or cannot obtain peer-reviewed credentials to perform plastic surgical procedures at hospitals or hospital-run outpatient surgical centers. To circumvent these constraints, they operate in their own office, often without anesthesia providers and without accreditation of their facility. This sounds exactly what you had, right along with the lack of ethics that the so-called "board-certified" doctor exhibited by his lack of performing an appropriate procedure.

I am glad you survived this disaster, especially the lidocaine overdose, lack of proper anesthesia provider or monitoring, and the misleading your doctor seems guilty of.

You can certainly ask for a refund, but you went to this doctor, consented to the procedure, and received what you paid for. (BTW, this was an operation you paid for, NOT a result.) Most lawyers might tell you this is a losing case. But I am not a lawyer, and you can certainly try to obtain a refund, and see if you have a legal case if unsuccessful in getting a refund. I suspect you should have done more research before undergoing this procedure by this doctor, and will likely be unsuccessful in getting a refund or a lawyer to accept this case. Perhaps I'm wrong, and I certainly hope so for your sake.

This is NOT plastic surgery gone bad--this is bad surgery by a non-plastic surgeon who you asked and paid to operate on you. Again, I'm so sorry--for you, and for what this does for our profession, whose  "real" members would almost certainly treat you better. Good luck and best wishes! Dr. Tholen

Sorry to hear this... Talk to your surgeon, everything will be ok!

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So sorry to hear about your story. 

The important thing here is for you to have a good talk with your surgeon. 

I assure you you both want the same thing: your satisfaction.

Good luck on your journey,

Dr. Fernandez Goico

BBL Issues and a Dissatisfied Patient

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Thank you for your pictures.  I am sorry for your ordeal.  The only person that can answer your question is the operating plastic surgeon.  Please try to have constructive and effective dialogue with him or her.

Good luck.

Earl Stephenson, Jr, MD, DDS,FACS

Can I get a refund form a Brazilian butt Lift that went total wrong? They only injected 200ml in each cheek. (photos)

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Thank you for your question .
Please check his credentials right. 

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