My Implant Extruded 2 Years Post Op? (photo)

i had silicone polyeurethane coated breast implants placed over the muscle 2 years ago. 6 weeks ago i got what looked like a small bruise on the scar line of my right breast that was extremely painful to touch. this developed into a kind of red blister about a cm in diameter that continued to get bigger. the blister eventually burst leaving a hole in my skin with the implant clearly visible through it, i ended up with a 5cm diameter hole with extruding implant. any idea why this happened?

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Implant Extruded

Polyurethane coated implants were used a long time ago. The polyurethane coating would break down. You likely had this happen and something called a granulomatous reaction formed from the tiny polyurethane particles. The granulona took the path of least resstance (where the skin was the thinnest) which was where the implant extruded in your case. Boy, sorry to see that happened to you. You should probably get the other implant removed, let things heal up for maybe even a year before deciding to replace implants or "just go natural".

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Difficult to know with certainty


It is difficult to know exactly why this happened, but we can say that your body opened up your incision because it thought it was the best thing to do for one of several potential reasons including: 




Whatever the cause the treatment course will likely be the same which will include removal of the implant as well as any scar tissue or other foreign matter if present.  Your plastic surgeon may choose to place another implant or to wait until the inflammation/infection has clearly subsided.

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