Can Breast Implants Be Warm to the Touch Just Got Them Wednesday?

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Warmth after surgery

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Some warmth is normal after surgery because of the blood flow created by the situation.  However you should look out for warmth associated with severe pain, red streaks, or unusual swelling which could be indications of infection.  If in question, it is always best to ask your surgeon who can examine you to evaluate the situation.

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Breasts warm after augmentation

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You can expect some mild warmth in the few days after surgery due to increased blood flow which is part of the healing process.  However, if it is getting warmer, painful, asymmetrical, associated with fevers, redness, or swelling, or if you are concerned in any way at all, you should follow up with your surgeon with no delay to minimize the risk of complications.

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Warmth Of Breasts after Breast Augmentation?

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Some "warmth"  of the tissue/skin overlying breast implants can be expected after surgery; this is secondary to inflammation that occurs around the time of surgery. For  more specific/precise advice ( and to rule out complications)  make sure you follow up with your plastic surgeon. If you are concerned about the potential for infection follow-up sooner than scheduled.

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