I Am 5'5 1/2" 125 Pounds is 450cc Going to Be to Big?

I am getting Natrelle saline implants 420's filled to 450cc. My doctor assures me that they will look natural and will not be to big as I am long wasted and slightly taller. I do not want to look like a porn star or a stripper. Is 450cc to big? I am a b cup currently.

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I just wanted to let you know that it might be more helpful to doctors if you were to include what your current cup size is. The more details the better!


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Smaller is Better

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You are a B cup but you do not give your bra size.  If you are 32 or 34 each 100 cc of implant will correspond to 1 cup size change.  If you are 36 or 38 each 200 cc of implant will correspond to 1 cup size change.  A 450 cc implant would be 4 1/2 cups if you are 32 or 34 or 2 1/4 cups if you are 36 or 38.  The preferred position for implants is retro-pectoral and 450 cc implants may not fit.  If too large of an implant is placed it will dislocate inferiorly and laterally and will no longer be under the muscle.  Also, remember the larger the implants the faster they will descend and the more problems you will have.  I recommend you show your surgeon pictures of what you would like and choose the smallest implant to achieve your desired goal.

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Gary Horndeski, M.D.

Texas Plastic Surgeon
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Implant choice and you

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It is difficult to suggest an implant without properly evaluating a patient. This discussion is best in person after a thorough exam and discussion of your goals.  Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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What is too big with augmentation?

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Choosing a size that will make you happy is somewhat challenging.  If you have experienced pregnancy, then you already know what size you liked.  If you are still concerned about your size choice, I suggest using rice in a knee high nylon stocking to create 'sizers' for you to help you see what you are going to be with your choice. 

1 cup of rice equals 240 cc, 1/2 cup 120 cc. 1 and 3/4 cup would be 420 cc's and would be very close to what you are considering.  Use a stretch cup, unpadded bra to help with sizing.  Whatever size you pick in your bra needs to be up-sized by around 10% to create the appearance you have with the sizer in your bra cup over your breast.

Being excessively large is not good so your concerns are valid.  I believe you should find some reassurances using this home sizing method.  Good luck!  Oh by the way, the biggest complaint I hear from my patients is "I wish I went bigger".

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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450 too big?

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There is no such thing as too big! Every patient has their own idea of what they want and every patient at Lake tahoe Plastic Surgery gets exactly that...........from 200 cc to 3000 cc! Your surgeon should allow you to try on sizers and choose from many different sizes. Our patients also choose a PlayBoy type photo and we use that in the operating room as a wanna-be guide. Saline implants are inserted empty thru a 1 inch insicion and inflated until they look exactly the size of the wanna-be picture. You don't have to worry about coming out anything different than the wanna-be picture. There is quite a bit of surgeon experience required to allow for the fact that 450 cc implants look way too small in 6 ft 200 lb. patients and way too big in 5 ft. - 100 lb. patients. 

Dr Foster 

Lawrence Foster, MD (retired)
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon


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Without a picture or an exam we cannot give you adequate advice. In our practice we do tell out patients that the size of your breast has a lot to do with what your body has to offer. We tell our patients that 200-225cc equal to about 1 cup size.


Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Keeping breast implants looking natural

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This is a tough question to answer - especially without a photo of you and your measurements.  The same size/profile implants will look different on different women depending on your frame and muscularity.  I would definitely recommend trying on a range of implant sizers with an unpadded bra.  This will give you and your surgeon a good idea of the size you would like to be.  He or she may still recommend a different size for your implants to give you the look you want.  Breast enlargement is not an exact science.  It seems like it should be simple to say I'm a B cup now and I want to be a C so what size/profile implant should I use, but it isn't that easy.  I recommend choosing your surgeon carefully.  Make sure he or she is board certified in plastic surgery, look at lots of before and after pictures and inquire about how frequently he or she performs breast augmentation surgeries.  Once you are confident you are dealing with an expert who has given other patients results that you like, rely on his or her expertise.  Breast augmentation is a popular procedure and most of us perform tons.  That gives us lots of experience with implant sizing.

Andrew Jimerson, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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450 cc implants too large?

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Have you tried on sizers in a non-padded bra with a top over it?  This will give you a fairly good approximation of what this size will look like on you.

Michael Leff, MD (retired)
Bellevue Plastic Surgeon

Is 450cc to Big?

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Difficult question to answer. Everybody's body is different and cc's look very different on multiple individuals. I would trust your PS and review your choices with him, if unhappy with his responses I would seek a second opinion. good luck!!

Jonathan Weiler, MD
Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon
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Best Breast Implants For Me?

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Assuming you have chosen your plastic surgeon carefully, he is in the best position to advise you. He has had the benefit of examining you and communicating  with you regarding your goals.

Generally speaking, patients who are trying to select breast implant size/profile prior to their breast augmentation surgery can experience significant stress.  In my opinion, cooperation between patient and plastic surgeon is the best way to go.  I prefer to have a full range of breast implant sizes/profiles available for use in the operating room. After clearing communication with patients ( with the use of goal pictures)  and the use of intraoperative sizers as well as careful measurements/dimensional planning I select breast implant size/profile to meet patient's goals.    Again, this selection is made during surgery.

Asking a patient to select breast implant size/profile in my opinion places too much responsibility on the patient who has  minimal experience with breast implants...
It sounds like further communication with your plastic surgeon will be helpful to you prior to surgery.
Best wishes.

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