Can I Make my Eyebrows Flat, Instead of Arched Through Botox Injections?

I am a Caucasian pale skinned white male (age 49). I have bushy arched eyebrows (like Ashton Kutcher). The masculine look is horizontal brows. Can Botox do this, or do I run the risk of making my eyelids heavier, I already have slightly heavy eyelids. If yes, what muscle is injected and how many units of Botox or Dysport ?

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Botox for brow contouring, bring it up or bring it down

Botox can be used to contour the brow. It is simply a matter of the push and pull effect. Weaken a muscle in one area and the pull of the others is more dramatic.  When lowering the brow, a small volume of Botox is injected into the frontalis muscle above the brow. This will lower the brow and offset a high arched brow.  Be carefull, too much and the brow will descend which can be an undersirable effect.  Raising the brow is accomplished through injecting into the obricularis muscle just below the outer aspect of the brow. 

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Make my Eyebrows Flat, Instead of Arched Through Botox Injections?

Botox (or Dysport or Xeomin) can be used to shape the brow.  You can lower the brow by having a small injection into the frontalis muscle above the brow, but you do run the risk of making your eyelids heavier.  If the arch in your brows is compensating for an already heavy eyelid/brow, then flattening this arch may make your brows feel too heavy.  It is best to be evaluated in person by an experienced injector. 

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Botox to Contour Eyebrows

Botox when placed lower on the forehead has the effect of slightly dropping the brow, resulting in a more horizontal brow shape.  You do not want it placed too low as it could have the unwanted effect of dropping the eyelid, however.  A careful analysis of your forehead by your physician can determine the best placement of the botox to have the effect you desire.

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Flat Eyebrows With Botox

Depending on the initial shape of the brow and frontalis movement, one can place Botulinum toxin A in a distribution that would flatten the brow instead of arch it. If one already has heavy brows to begin with, which is possibly contributing to the “arched look” as it is compensation from the Frontalis muscle to allow one to open the eye and see more, you run the risk of feeling like your brows are heavy if you try to flatten them. You may want to consider something like ULtherapy (FDA-approved for a nonsurgical brow lift) that takes 20 minutes to perform, and could be done on the more medial aspect of your brow to even out the shape.  Good luck.

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Botox to contour eyebrows

Botox, Dysport and Xeomin neuromodulators can definitely be used to define and contour eyebrows shape.  The dosage and location will depend on the patient anatomy and muscle movement.  For optimal results, best to consult an experienced injector

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Botox for Eyebrows

Yes, you can change the contour of the brow through Botox. However with your question, you should consider posting pictures for a more accurate response. To achieve your desired results, I recommend seeing an experienced Botox injector.  Many different factors will determine how much is used and where.  Hope this helps.

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Flattening the brow with botox

Botox is great for brow contouring. By injecting right above the brow in the forehead muscle you can achieve a lowered brow. Seek out an experienced injector to achieve your goals.

Ritu Saini, MD
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Botox can be used to contour brow position

Botox or Dysport can be injected into the forehead to adjust the brow position. Small amounts artistically placed can create the brow look that you want.  It is important to find an experienced injector in your area to achieve the desired effect.

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Botox or Dysport to modulate brow position

Botox or Dysport can certainly be used to titrate the position of your brows, but keep in mind that the only way to lower the brow is to reduce the activity of the muscle that elevates the brow (frontalis).  The reason this is important is that your facial expressions will limited in terms of the movement of your brows, the more they are lowered with Botox or Dysport.  

If the peak or arch of your brows is the only area that bothers you, you could potentially flatten them by injecting 2.5 units of Botox or 5 units of Dysport in the frontalis where your brows peak.  

Donald B. Yoo, MD
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Botox and brow position

Yes, you can change the position of your brow, however without assessing you in person to first determine need, it's difficult to answer your question. You should consider posting pictures.

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