My Dentist Wants to Charge Me 54,000 for Hybrid Dentures?

or, whole new Geneva dentures for 6,000, Is that really going to make me like my dentures, I hate wearing them. Besides the dentures, just to get the bottoms to stay on he wants 7,000 for 2 posts. Isnt that a crazy amount of money?? Im in nj

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Dental Implant Hybrid Dentures or Bridge

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The going rate in Arizona is around $25,000 per arch for Hybrid Dentures and 4 Dental implants to attach them to.  This would equate to $50,000 including 8 implants to secure them to.  This also includes having Teeth placed on the implants that day of surgery.  Some patients require some more implants depending on the amount of bone they have present, but usually 4-6 implants is all that is need per arch.  This Technique is call "All On Four"  The patient gets an implant bridge the day of surgery during the initial healing and then the Final Bridge in a few months.  All of this is included in the cost.  They are non removable except by a dentist.  The fees you write about may be commensurate for your area. I grew up in NY and NJ so I know the fees are higher there.  Many people travel to our practice from California and the Northeast for this reason.

Phoenix Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Hybrid Dentures with Implants

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When getting implants, there are many factors that can affect the cost. It can depend on: If additional bone grafting is needed, the number of implants, whether it is upper or lower or even both!, the number of appointments involved, whether the implants have a permanent bridge or a removable denture that attaches to them, etc...  Every single one fo these factors can make a significant difference in cost.  You ahve to remember, when you are wanting to get a complete replacement of teeth, it involves surgery and a great deal of precision in restoring them. You are essentially fabricating a complete new mouth to use for eating, chewing, talking, breathing, etc...   As a dentist, we are replacing many years worth of issues and problems (usually) and it takes a gret deal of work.  Not any dentist can restore this type of work.  It takes on with advanced training in implant prosthodontics. I have seen cases which required a great deal of bone grafting and a complete permanent set of bridges, cost up to $100,000. And a single implant can be as low as $3500.  The region of th ecountry or city you live in can also make a difference.   Remeber, you are getting a permanent replacement of a tooth with an implant that is considered to be 98% of a natural tooth.  There is no better alternative.  If you are having questions regarding your dentists treatment, please get a second opinion.  This style of dentistry is expensive initially, but the long term costs are very minimal for maintenance. A simle denture is another option for you but you get no benefits of impalnt retention.

Keith Blankenship, DDS
Jacksonville Dentist

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