I Have a Crooked Smile, How Can I Fix It? (photo)

I have a crooked smile. It's like the muscles on my right side of the mouth is stronger than the one on the mouth..

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A Crooked Smile may be caused by a facial asymmetry

Although your picture is not very clear and may be distorted by you leaning to your left, it appears that your lower jaw is asymmetric to the left and that your upper teeth are lower on your right.  This condition can be caused by a crossbite of your left back teeth from childhood causing you to habitually bite off to your left.  The ideal solution is complex, as this condition can cause skeletal disharmony and/or TMJ dysfunction as well.  The ideal solution would best be handled by a specialist in orthodontics who also has many years of successful treatment of TMJ disorders as well.  As you can see, the idea solution may be very complex, but well worth it in the end, but definitely not for the amateur.  If you just want a much quicker cosmetic fix, the less involved cosmetic dentistry could be your answer.

Denver Orthodontist

Smile Makeover to Fix crooked Smile

Some cosmetic dentists are using botox to even out a crooked smile by relaxing the lip muscles on the side that is overactive.  I'm not sure if this would improve your smile much, though.  Talk to an experience cosmetic dentist about your options.

Mark Edington, DDS
Las Vegas Dentist
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Hoe to Fix a Crooked Smile

Your first step should be a visit to an experienced Cosmetic Dentist. A complete examination, including photos, X-rays and study models will help you and the dentist discuss with eachother your concerns and possible solutions. It is possible that you do not like the appearance of 1 side of your mouth and subconsciously, you are keeping your lips covering those "unsightly" teeth.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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