Can Collagen, Injection As Breast Augmentation, Be Removed?

I have a Filipino Friend that had collagen injected as a breast augmentation procedure. This was done in the Philippines. Can the collagen be removed? I have heard it can cause some serious health issues. THank you

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Collagen injections in breasts

Collagen injected into the human body will go away over time.  It does not need to be removed.  In many areas of the world, the more likely substance injected into breasts was free silicone.  This is usually an industrial grade and not a medical grade silicone.  Removing that is much more difficult.  Collagen can be more readily dissolved by injection of collagenase.  Silicone must be cut out to be removed.

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Can Collagen, Injection As Breast Augmentation, Be Removed?

Collagen is a natural body protein and gets dissolved by the body. What your concern should be is what substance really was injected into her breasts. There are limited regulations in places like the Phillipines so who knows what was injected and what problem, if any could arise. The best thing to do is to try to find out exactly what was injected and go from there.

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