Can my Breast Be Fixed After a Bad Breast Reduction?

I'm 38 yrs old and I had a breast reduction back in 2005. The doctor did a really bad job! My nipples are two different sizes and are high up on my chest. One nipple shows when I wear a bathing suit . He sewed me all the way up the center of my chest leaving really thick scars. I have a lot of excessive fat tissue on both sides under my arms tht I can't find a bra to hold all me in. I was a size 40JJJ and went to a 40C. When I lie down my breast sinks in an I feel my ribs and looks disgusting.

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Making a Bad Breast Reduction Better

Breast Reduction Revision Surgery
The good news is that in most cases you will have significant improvement with further surgery based on your description.
Revision for unsatisfactory results following Breast Reduction is individualized to each patients needs and wishes. To determine what techniques and procedures are appropriate for you would require a complete exam and cosultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  At the time of your consult, the plastic surgeon will measure a number of features of both breasts and formulate an individual surgical approach to meet your goals.

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Breast Reduction Revision Surgery Options?

Although you provide a good description of your  past and current breast concerns, it is not possible to give you precise advice. Direct examination and a full communication of your goals will be necessary. Having said that, it is generally possible to improve patient situations dependent on exactly what is found on physical examination. For example nipple/areola complexes  asymmetry can generally be improved upon, scars can be revised, and additional  breast lifting can be potentially helpful.

Again, much of what will be recommended will depend on your physical examination and a full discussion of your goals.

Best wishes.

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Breast reduction redo

Sorry if your nipple pop out of your bathing suit or bra. That is very difficult to correct without leaving scars above the areola.  One can not predict exactly how scars will heal for each individual. Some do get thick scars.

Steven Wallach, MD
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"Bad" breast reduction

Breast reduction surgery is not intended to address bra rolls under your arms. This is a cosmetic procedure and you are certainly free to consult a plastic surgeon about liposuction or another procedure to improve them. Starting from a JJJ cup, it would be impossible to reduce the size of your breasts without the inverted T scars. This is part of the procedure. If your scars are thick, then you should see a plastic surgeon about scar revision or treatment for scar hypertrophy.

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