Muscle Type Pain After Breast Lift with No Implants

im having pain on my left breast only seems like muscle pain worried i did to much, i had a breast lift alone not implants and its been 2 weeks since surgery just a bit worried about it is the pain normal?

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Muscle pain after a breast lift likely from 'overdoing it'

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In general, breast lifts do not involve dissection of the muscle that you are mentioning.  However, depending upon your anatomy and the amount of a lift you needed certain traditional techniques do involve suturing breast tissue to the muscle fascia or other deeper dissection techniques. 

Your best rule of thumb will be if you had the pain after surgery then its likely healing from surgery.  If you developed the pain after a day or more of no such pain then you likely exerted yourself a bit too much and now may have inflamed the deeper tissues and possibly your muscle.

Ask your surgeon - he will know best; And try to take it a bit easier.

Freehold Plastic Surgeon
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Pain 2 weeks after breast lift without implants is likely NOT a concern!

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I'm glad to hear you are watching your activity level, but disappointed to hear that you used pain as your "did too much" warning!

A breast lift does not involve any surgical dissection of the chest (pectoralis) muscles, but swelling and normal surgical inflammation CAN cause some degree of muscle spasm, which is one cause of the pain you are describing. Nerve healing as swelling and bruising diminish can also cause electric-like or shooting pains often thought to be muscular in nature, though they are actually sensory nerves recovering from your breast lift.

Bottom line: unless one breast is swollen significantly differently than the other (this could be a sign of bleeding), your symptoms are both "normal" and a warning to "take it easy" until completely healed. Your surgeon should be consulted it you have significant swelling, increased pain, redness, fever, or drainage, or if you just need reassurance. Online consultants can only "guess" based on the information provided. Best wishes for a continued great recovery!

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
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Muscle pain after breast lift

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Muscle pain can happen after surgery. You  may have done too much as you stated. If concerned, you should see your surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Pain following Breast Lift

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Various pain with motion is common in the first three weeks after breast lifts. If this is of sudden onset or worsens you should contact your surgeon for an examination.

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