Muscle Twitches After Botox in Forehead?

A month ago I had 20 in frown and middle forehead it was perfect last week and since I can't touch that area without it slowly bulging up. Even when I wash my face the area starts pulling up :((( its awful it last minute or 2 on the forehead but can last all nightif I rub near my eyebrow & it causes lines in my upper eyelid. What do you think the problem is? The Botox rep just repeated she'd never seen it. I can see the tiny creases on my forehead & frown lines returning already :(

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Botox and muscle spasm

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It sounds like you're having some muscle spasms and the muscles treated are trying to work again. Maybe at your next visit with the provider, increase your dose.

Muscle Spasms after Botox

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    Muscle spasms after Botox indicate that more Botox should be injected into the muscles that have rebounded.

Muscle Twitching After Botox

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It sounds like you have very active and strong forehead muscles that may need a little extra product to fully relax them. I would return to your physician and discuss this with him/her to either touch up now or inject more product next time. Best of luck! 

Cameron Rokhsar, MD, FAAD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon

Botox and muscle twitch

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It is possible that Botox is wearing off in an area but it is also possible that an untreated area might be trying to work to compensate for the treated area. I do not think that this is a problem because it can probably be fixed with a little touch up. 

Muscle twitches after Botox

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If it was "perfect" last week, then I'd assume you have small areas where the Botox is wearing off, hence the twitching. 20 units for the frown lines and mid forehead is a lower dosage, especially for that much area and muscle, so I think you need more units next time.

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