Muscle Spasm Above Brows After Botox Treatment?

I had 12 injections of botox a nonth and a half ago - 8 days after I experienced the mad raised brow look - went back after 4 weeks as this hadn't subsided and had a very small amount of botox where the brows were peaking and another injection in the centre between brows. I had experienced brow drop and the raised arches were not a good look! Its now 2 weeks after and I am having muscle spasms in the one muscle over my left brow - making the area where my frown lines were apprear puckered. help

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Botox complications with adjacent muscles overcompensating

Sometimes the nearby muscles overcompensate for the inactivity of the affected muscle after Botox. It is a temporary phenomenon as it wears off as the Botox wears off. It can be treated, at times, by injecting the compensatory muscle contraction with small units of Botox.

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Muscle Spasm Above Brows After Botox Treatment?

 I agree with my might want to let the Botox wear off and find another experienced MD in facial plastics, dermatology or general plastic surgery to do your Botox Injections.  

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Sounds like a goofy treatment.

I would recommend finding an experienced injector who is board certified in one of the core aesthetic subspecialties: dermatology, general plastic surgery, facial plastic surgery or oculoplastic surgery.  An experience injector may be able to rebalance your facial muscles.  The alternative is to simply let the treatment wear off and don't go back to this particular injector.

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