Multiple health problems & feels like I'm living with cancer rotting inside of me for yrs (chronic pain). Opinions? (photo)

I need any & all opinions/suggestions of very bcc looking mole/lump on back of neck??? Have lived in chronic pain & dealt with many health problems for past 7-8yrs but havent even had a family doc for over 2&1/2 yrs bc wasnt taken serious enough & after few yrs caused me ptsd & gave up on the doctors in my local area but know i need get back in with good doc, just dont know where to start now or what to worry bout & take care of first? Ty in advance for advice & answers about my pic!

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Cancerous site?

This site should be seen in person by a board-certified dermatologist for proper examination and most likely a biopsy. To find a good doctor in your area, ask friends, family, and neighbors for a recommendation. Or search online, or look on this site itself for a doctor near you.

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