Mountain Biking After Breast Lift and Implant?

I am 42 and had a lift and implant three weeks ago, I feel very well and my scars are healing nicely. I am going to the lake district for a few days next week and would really like to do a bit of mountain biking... I was hoping with a good sports bra and the surgical band that I am still wearing as my breasts are still quite high I could do a couple of easy trails. What do you think? I am quite active and have been walking everyday to keep my fitness.

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Three Weeks After Breast Augmentation For Bike Riding

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I normally recommend waiting for about 6 weeks before beginning any rigorous physical activity, and three weeks is usually enough for aerobic exercise and lower body training. If you won't be carrying anything around or lifting, then it might be okay. 

Exercise and Breast Lift

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In most cases, I allow my patients to resume exercise within 3 to 4 weeks after surgery.  I would wear support, such as your sports bra for strenuous activity.  Folow the guidelines recommended by your Plastic Surgeon.

Strenuous Activity After Breast Surgery

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   Dear NN,

     I would highly recommend that you NOT mountain bike at 3 weeks after surgery. I am a mountain biker as well and know that even an "easy" ride can have risks of falling. I usually allow my patients to begin light aerobic activity at 2-3 weeks and allow them to do more strenuous activity at 4-6 weeks and depending on the activity even ask them to wait 6-8 weeks. The person you should ask is your plastic surgeon. Good luck and congrats for being in such good shape. Dr. G.

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Exercise and a breast lift

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I usually allow my patients to go back to light aerobics by about 3-4 weeks and vigorous activities within 6-8 weeks. You should ask your doctor specifically what he recommends.

Mountain biking

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I would advise my patients to absolutely refrain from this type of activity. The reality is you are asking the wrong person. Call your PS!

Mountain Biking In The Early Post Operative Period

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It is highly commendable that you are so motivated. If you were my patient however I would try to discourage you from this activity so early on. Being a mountain biker myself, the worry is not so much your riding but your chances of falling. I realize on easy trails not highly likely, but there are stationary bikes that you can ride for now. I know it's not the same, but it is safer. Would highly encourage you to visit with your plastic surgeon and discuss it with him first. Good luck.

Mountain Biking After Breast Lift and Implant?

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My official answer might be that it is early, but I know full well that some of my patients are running several miles a day after two weeks. 

Your precautions seem reasonalble. You might try some flat road biking first. My usual warning--if it hurts, don't do it. 

Best person to get advice from, however,is your own surgeon.

Thanks for your question, best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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