Blurry sight becomes perfect with tear drop after LASIK

I had Lasik a week ago. The consultation with the Ophtalmologist showed -0.25 on my left eye. Since day 2, I noticed that I couldn't easily read a computer monitor, it's not crisp. But as soon as I put a teardrop in my eyes, it becomes very sharp, but only for a few seconds. I understand that eyes gets dry after lasik but I'm wondering if a teardrop does not in fact correct a little bit of myopia, which is the reason why I can see clearer for the little time my eyes is well lubricated ?

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The myopia is not the cause of your blurred vision.  Dryness is the root of your problem.  You should use your preservative free artificial tears every one to two hours.   Keep in mind, you may need to use artificial tears regularly for the first six months after your surgery. 

San Francisco Ophthalmologist
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Eye drop clears vision after Lasik

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-0.25 will not cause the near vision to be blurry, but will only affect the distance and to a small degree. Most likely there is a little bit of dryness that is cleared up temporarily with the artificial tear drop.

Andrew Caster, MD
Los Angeles Ophthalmologist
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