8 weeks post breast reduction; small pimple-like yellow discharge? Is this dangerous? (Photos)

I saw doctor a month ago. He said it was normal that stitches could come out months after surgery. But yesterday i noticed yellow discharge when i press close to it. No smell, no pain either. Now it just seems like it s a small hole. I am very worried. I put polysporin and cleaned it. Is it better to let it dry or with polysporin all the time? Is it an infection? I wrote to my doctor and should get an answer next week but for now I m not sure what to do... Help please...

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Stitch Abscess

From the looks of the pictures you provided it looks like this is just a stitch surfacing. You may feel the stitch once it has surfaced the skin. Try to keep it clean as best you can. Sometimes patients bodies just react this way to the dissolving sutures. Call your doctor sooner if the discharge starts to change color or develops pain. Best of luck with the rest of your healing!

Gainesville Plastic Surgeon
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Stitch abscess

Sounds like you had a stitch abscess which is when the absorbable sorters under the skin occasionally do not dissolve and work their way out through the previous incisions.  It usually goes on to heal without any major sequelae. Best of luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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