2 Months Post-op Right Breast Still Feels Firm and Hasn't Dropped. Normal?

My job requires a lot of physical work and lifting. My right breast hasn't dropped as much as my left. (I am right-handed.) It feels tight at times and hard. When I am off work it feels better. Can it still drop? And how much time do I have before the pocket heals and won't let it settle?

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Breast Implant "dropping" into the pocket

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Yes, it may take several months before the implants have completely “settled”. I think the implant displacement exercises (massage) are helpful. I also think that you are correct in concluding that muscle activity may slow the descent of the implant .On the other hand, early encapsulation (abnormal thickening of the scar around the implant) is a possibility.  If this is the case, it  may  improve with the use of medications. It would behoove you to continue close follow up  with your plastic surgeon.

Best wishes.

4 months to drop

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Give it about 4 months for your breasts to drop. Also, I would recommend taking it easier on your right side with the lifting and such, because that could be delaying your recovery.

Implants require several months to fully settle into place

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At two months, your implants have not fully settled into place yet.  This will take at least another month or two.  However, if your right breast feels firmer than the left and does not appear to settle, then you will probably need a right capsular release and repositioning of your implant a little lower.  This problem is called implant malposition and all plastic surgeons have this happen once in awhile.  Also, a capsular contracture (excessive tightness of the capsule) can force a breast up and cause asymmetry.  Usually I make the decision with my patient about three months after surgery, taking photographs along the way.  If it is not getting better, a touchup procedure is recommended.  Sometimes if the difference is very slight, it is better to just give it more time.

Waiting for the implant to drop 2 months after surgery

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If the implant position does not seem to be continuing to change (slowly dropping) at 2 months following surgery it may require surgical intervention to open the pocket appropriately.  It may be that the muscle on that side was under released compared to the side that looks good.  Massaging the implant down consistently and/or wearing a band to push the implant down may help if the amount of muscle that was underreleased is small.  I would also encourage you to either take photos your self or have your plastic surgeon do so and follow the porgress of the implant position so that you can make an educated decision about if and when to undergo a revision procedure.

All the best,

Dr Repta

Remus Repta, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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2 Months Post-op Right Breast Still Feels Firm and Hasn't Dropped. Normal?

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After 2 months very unlikely the result will improve much. Best to see your chosen surgeon to discuss, if still unsatisfied seek in person second opinions. 

Implant position

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At two months it is still a bit early.  You should see yoru surgeon and be evaluated. One breast is always a bit firmer and in a slightly different position as compared to the opposite breast.

Recovery after a breast augmentation

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I agree with my colleagues in that your postoperative photographs would be extremely helpful. While it may take several months for your implants to fully drop, the fact that your still have a discernable difference 8 weeks later may indicate that the right pocket dissection was less than your left. However, persistent activity can slow this implant descent. Implant massaging and exercises can improve it's rate of descent an your recovery period. Capsular contraction or scar tissue development can occur at any point, even as early as several weeks to months after your surgery. Consult closely with your surgeon as early intervention and open communication is extremely important. 

Jeffrey D. Hoefflin, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Unhappy with breast augmentation result

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Without photos, it is difficult to provide more more accurate answers for you. At 2 months, your implants should have "dropped". There may actually be an issue that the sides were placed at different heights (which photos could help determine).

There may continue to be changes for several more months which can include some softening and a maturation of shape. If you are still unhappy at 6 months particularly as regards the right side, a revision could be considered. You should also discuss your concerns with your surgeon.

Breasts should look and feel great right after breast augmentation.

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Here is a completely different opinion, and I am afraid you are not going to like it.  When things don't look or feel right at two months (specially your situation), it is very unlikely that they will improve.

Of course, don't do anything for another four months. You might be the exception.  But eventually you will probably want a revision.  The good news is that you can come out of this happy.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Yes, the implants can still drop.

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Although it is difficult to tell without photos or an exam, implants will generally continue to soften and settle for 3-6 months after surgery. What you describe sounds like muscle tightness, as it is better with inactivity. As always, you need to see your surgeon for an eval.

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