Almost 6 Months Post-op. How Likely is It to Damage the MR in a TT?

First off, I want to thank all of you for your time. Anyway, I am 1 week out from being 6 months post-op TT/MR. I saw my Dr. last week and he said that it is safe to push it during exercise now. I have been exercising since 4 weeks post-op. I do crossfit and 2 days ago we did an abs intense workout and now I am EXTREMELY sore. How likely is it that I ruined the MR and how would I know? I called my DR. and he said to take ibuprofen and call back Monday if the pain was still extreme. Thanks again.

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Muscle repair/tightening and exercise.

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At 6 months, your muscle repair is as healed. There really should be no restrictions for working out. Signs or symptoms of a "busted" repair are bulging of the middle abdomen. Pain after an intensive abdominal workout is more of an indication of the deconditioned state of your rectus muscles than it is the integrity of the plication.

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Exercise after tummy tucks.

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It is unlikely that you did any damage to your muscles six months out, but when in doubt check in with your plastic surgeon.  Most of the healing between the muscles takes place within the first 2 months.  Even so, the abdominal wall which has been tightened will respond to and be modified by the tension it feels for a number of months after surgery. The tight tummy will eventually relax somewhat and find equilibrium.

With your degree of excercise the degree of soreness sound normal and your surgeons plan seems reasonable, but I would have you check in just in case.

Adam Tattelbaum, MD
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Six Months postop and exercise

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It is very unlikely you did any damage.   But remember, you are likely deconditioned and you may have overdone  it w your ab exercises.   Its good that you contacted your plastic surgeon.  Follow his recommendations and see him if symptoms don't improve.   Best of luck

Tummy Tuck Muscle Repair Damage?

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Thank you for the question.

At your stage,  I think it would be extremely unlikely that you have done any damage despite an intense cross fit workout.   Usually, if this does, occur that are associated  signs or symptoms ( such as a honorable “snap”,  swelling/reading/bruising  or new onset bulging....).

On the other hand, I think your body  is probably telling you to “slow down” ( hold off on the "burpees"  for a while).

I would suggest a period of  rest ( at least a week), the use of anti-inflammatories and follow-up with your plastic surgeon if the discomfort continues and/or if there's any change in your physical examination. 

Best wishes.

Tummy tuck and muscle repair exercise

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  You are far enough from your procedure that you need not worry about hurting your muscle tightening.  The tissue in this area is VERY healed and it would be practically impossible to hurt the repair.  The sutures that were used to tighten the recus muscles could literally be removed with no loosening of the tightened areas.

  With the workouts you are describing, it seems most likely that you have muscle strains that could certainly attributed to the muscular exercise rather than any injury to your body contouring procedure.

  I think your ps is right.  Get through the next couple of days without doing more excessive exercise and see if the muscles calm down.  If not, then you need to be seen to be evaluated.


Exercise after 6 months is unlikely to damage tummy tuck muscle repair.

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After 6 months, most of the healing has completed and durability restored to the entire abdomen. There may be additional softening and fading in your scars, and of course there may be more sensation as cutaneous nerves heal and regenerate, but the muscle repair has reached a point that any kind of exercise is safe and appropriate. . .

 . . . as long as you start gradually and slowly build up intensity, especially after NO exercising to that extent since before surgery.

Realize that even professional athletes can tear muscles, rupture tendons, and cause themselves injury by over-doing a certain exercise or activity. So can you. "Listen" to your body and build up your exercise routine more gradually.

It is actually extremely unlikely that you did anything other than over-exert your out-of-condition abdominal musculature. Soreness is the normal response. Tearing of sutures and all your healed scar tissue is possible, but extremely unlikely. So, take ibuprofen, relax, and see your surgeon IF symptoms persist.

I'd bet that things will settle down if you give yourself the time and avoid re-injury by overdoing it. Best wishes!

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon
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6 months postop Tummy Tuck with Soreness

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The chance of ruining your muscle repair is very low at 6 months.   The most important thing at this point is to listen to your body.   Everyone heals at a different pace.   Your body is trying to tell you that you may be pushing too hard too early.    Try using your binder during intense workouts or decreasing the  intensity of your abdominal workouts until your core strengthens.  You are doing the right thing by maintaining close followup with your plastic surgeon.   I wish you a safe and healthy recovery!

Paul S. Gill, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Exercise 6 months after abdominoplasty should be fine

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it is highly unlikely you caused any real damage this far out, but rest for a week or so, take ibuprofen, and when you feel better GRADUALLY resume exercise. sounds like you overdid it and caused this. if problem persists, you should go back and see your surgeon.

Bruce K. Barach, MD
Schenectady Plastic Surgeon
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