2 Months Post Op and Breasts Are Uneven: Will They Even Out?

I am just a few days shy of 2 months post surgery and I am very concerned that my breasts are different sizes and one sits lower. Before surgery I was a small B and my breasts were uneven sizes (right was smaller). My doctor used Mentor Memory Gel high profile implants and the left was 350cc and he did the right one at 400cc. Now, as you can see, my right breast is much larger and sits lower. People have told me to give it time and that things will even out but I am worried. Advice?

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Breast Implant Revision

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Based on your pictures, it appears that you and your surgeon chose implants that were too large for your skin envelope and the pockets created for the implants were not able to accommodate their size.  I would suggest revision with exchange to a lower volume and lower profile implant to achieve a more nature appearance.


Good Luck.

Implant Asymmetry After Breast Augmentation Will Not Improve Months After Surgery

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The single greatest complication in my experience in breast augmentation is implant asymmetry. One of the implants may be higher or lower than the other. If this is present right after surgery in the first few weeks, further implant settling may correct this problem. Once most of the swelling has gone by 6 or 8 weeks after surgery and the asymmetry persists, it is unlikely to get better. Your right breast implant has a lower inframammary fold and this will not spontaneously raise on its own. Ultimately you will need a revision for correction. I would wait a few more months to be sure that the 'target is stable' and the implants have achieved their final position.

Before pictures would help

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The function of the breast augmentation is to make breasts bigger and even them as much as possible. There is limitations to the degree that implants can even the breasts. You may need revision later on. You need to discuss your concerns with your surgeon and review your before and after pictures.

Needing a revision of a breast augemtnation

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It is always advisable to wait 4 months at least before doing a revision but I would suspect from your photos that you are going to need one.  The implant on your right has bottomed out and is too far toward your armpit.  Good luck.

Breast implants uneven after two months

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After two months for implants to settle in we think there is still a small chance for improvement, though the larger implant has pushed the limit of the skin envelop and sits below the breast fold and nipple to a small degree. The projection point of the high profile implant is just below the nipple causing the nipple to appear higher on that side. You could revise the implant, smaller and reset the fold, though probably little harm in waiting it out.

Best of luck,


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