Months ago I had a angineurotic edema, i'm 18 years old-and now I have wrinkles unde my eyes

Now I have deep wrinkles Under my eyes . Is that becasue it's still swelling down or they are wrinkles now? If there is any dermatologist I mean it doesnt hurt or anything but I used to have the skin under my eys so clear and know its deep with wrinkles i feel so bad about it . can I Do botox ??is botox helpful for wrinkles under eyes ??

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Lower eyelid wrinkles and swelling

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At your young age, regardless of angioneurotic edema and swelling, you should not have wrinkles related to damaged skin or age. Botox is not a good treatment for lower eyelid wrinkles normally, in fact, it can make some worse.  If you happen to have coexistent skin allergies or dermatitis, you might have crepiness that can improve as the skin condition improves. It is quite common for patients with atopic eczema to have fine wrinkles under the eyes. See a dermatologist to determine what can be done to improve your skin, but avoid botox.

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Botox and lower eyelid lines

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The lines you have described is likely the result of skin stretching from the swelling of angioedema. It should resolve on its own with time. I will not advice botox for this. The cause of your lines is self limiting, and botox is not the most effective treatment for lower lid wrinkles even in other instances. Laser resurfacing such as with Fraxel and or surgery would be a more efecetive treatment in instances of permanent lower eyelid wrinkles.

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Wrinkles of the eyes after allergic reaction

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most likely the cause of the wrinkles is the stretching of the skin from your edema episode. At your age with good moisturizers and time, the skin should snap back,Ii doubt the swelling would cause permanent wrinkles on you

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Angineuortic edema

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It's hard to say if your deep wrinkles are from the angineurotic edema, but most likely. Usually when you have something like this, there is tremendous swelling and irritation under the skin. This can have repercussions for some time, plus it can make you retain more water, or lose more water than normal. I think you need to hold off on doing anything for now, even though Botox could technically help. Anything you do too soon could cause additional problems, so I'd like to see your body clear from everything for about 6-8 months.

Eyelid wrinkles

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There are two kinds of wrinkles:  dynamic lines whereby muscle activity make the lines and in this case, Botox, which weakens muscles can help.  The other kind of wrinkle is static wrinkles, where they are present even at rest.  The lines you are describing are static lines, which means Botox won't help.  Your options are surgery (skin pinch blepharoplasty) versus resurfacing (either chemical peel or laser).  See an oculoplastic surgeon.

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