3 Months Post Breast Reduction Belly Extended All of a Sudden- Why?

3 Months AFTER Breast Reduction Belly Extended All of a Sudden Look 9 Mo Pregnant

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Belly distension after Breast Reduction

Possible explanations for a sudden distension of the belly would be a hernia, a tummy tuck rectus plication that failed, or some intraabdominal process that would need to be assessed by your physician.  There are very few things that would cause your belly to extend all of a sudden.  A slower process that may cause the extension could be weight gain---there is fat around the internal abdominal organs and putting on weight may increase this intraabdominal fat causing distension.  I would play it safe and see your primary medical doctor for an exam.

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Big belly after breast reduction

If your abdomen has become distended really "all of a sudden", you need to see your primary care doctor for evaluation.  You may have some serious pelvic or intraabdominal problem totally unrelated to your breast surgery.

That being said, if your abdominal distention has been gradual over the past three months and you have gained weight following your reduction, you are likely packing on some fat intraabdominally.  In addition, you probably notice your abdomen more now that your breasts are smaller.

If the latter is the case, you also need medical attention to help you get to a healthier weight.  Intraabdomnial fat a.k.a. viseral fat is a major risk factor for diabetes and heart disease. 

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Belly distended after breast reduction

I doubt that there's any connection between your breast reduction surgery and a distended belly. From my personal experience, a lot of the breast reductions I do are in ladies who are over wieght or obese. After the breasts are reduced and they do not drape over the upper part of the abdomen, many patients feel that  their belly got larger. When I show them the preop photos, they realize that the breasts were hiding the abdomen from sight. But if you think this is different, then you should go back for a follow up visit with your surgeon.

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Abdominal swelling after breast reduction

“Sudden” abdominal distention three months after breast reduction surgery is unlikely to be related directly to the breast reduction procedure. You should be seen as soon as possible by your primary care doctor to rule out serious intra-abdominal pathology.

Once you are sure that there is no intra-abdominal issue causing this distention them you should consider issues such as weight gain etc. Sometimes, after patients have undergone breast reduction surgery, they notice their abdominal walls more so than they did when their breasts were larger (I hope this is all that is going on in your case).

Best wishes.

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