Breast Reduction Post Op Wound Dehiscence - What Can I Do?

I am so scared.I had a breast reduct. 1 week ago.I was a 34F & asked to be a small D.The surgeon did a superior medial technique.I have a lollipop incision (not the bottom anchor part).I am HUGE.I can barely fit DDD bra.One drain pulled out 3d.ago and he removed the other 2d. ago. I am on abx.Today the lower 1" of L incision opened & POURED fluid leaving a gaping hole. I DONT smoke & have done all the right things.Why me?Can I still hope to be my goal size?What now?Going to see him in am. Help!

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Complications after breast reduction

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It is hard to properly reduce a large breast using only a vertical scar technique.  It sounds like you had a large fluid collection which compromised your wound closure.

Degfinitely see your surgeon immediately and be prepared for a period of wound healing.

Breast Reduction Complication - Wound dehiscence

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Unfortunately, you've suffered a known complication from breast reduction surgery.  You will need to follow your surgeon's advice and get through the wound-healing phase of your recovery.  It may take weeks to months before you are completely healed.  Even then, you may notice some significant contour irregularities, but these will usually improve markedly over time (twelve months).  With regard to your size, you will have to see once all swelling subsides.  Hopefully, your surgeon has removed enough tissue to meet your goals...  If not, you will either need to accept your size as is, or go through additional surgery.  Keep in mind, when we do breast reduction, we want to remove enough tissue to get you to a nice size and shape, and still do a safe and effective operation...

Gregory Swank, MD
Hickory Plastic Surgeon

Breast reduction and a vertical approach

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The vertical approach to a breast reduction whether one uses a vertical pedicle, or superior pedicle or inferiorly based pedicle all can achieve nice results in the right patient.  If you started out very large, and need a significant reduction ( >750 gms/side) a "T" closure often gives better access to remove more tissue.  Since you are only a few weeks out, you still may be quite swollen.  Give it time.  As for the drainage, follow closely with your surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Breast reduction complication

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It sounds like you're experiencing some postoperative complications after your breast reduction surgery. I would suggest that you continue to follow-up closely with your plastic surgeon and try to stay as emotionally even keeled as possible. He/she knows your situation the best and I'm sure will help you through this difficult time.

Separations of incisions (and drainage of fluid) after this operation is not uncommon. Dressing changes may be necessary for weeks/months and scar revision surgery may be necessary in the future.

In regards to breast size, please be patient to allow for resolution of swelling and absorption of fluid prior to making judgment regarding breast size. Remember also that, more important than specific cup size, is that you achieve breast size that is proportionate to your body type.

Best wishes.

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