Cost of Double-pass Laser Hair Removal?

I'm a 62-year old man wanting monthly double-pass laser hair removal from my face to my toes and every area in between. I'm looking for a place and want some idea of an approzimate price.

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Double Pass Laser Hair removal?

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The cost of laser hair removal is going to vary by your geographic location, the type of practice, the laser used and the amount of area treated.  Consult several different offices for pricing.

Double passing in laser hair removal is not advised (at least at our practice).  Using the correct fluence (energy) level to achieve permanent hair removal does not require multiple passes and in fact, introducing this much heat to the tissue twice in one treatment could cause significant damage to the skin.

Finally, 4 weeks between treatments is too short for most areas of the body.  We would recommend 8 weeks apart for full body hair removal.

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Laser removal on full body

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I am not sure of what you mean by double-pass laser hair removal. Most lasers in use today give you optimal clearance of hair after a series of treatments without the necessity of double-passing. The concept is to deliver enough laser energy to the treatment area to effect ejection of the hair without injuring the skin.

As for laser hair removal from your face to your toes, I would start with areas that you most wish to be rid of hair and proceed systematically. Large areas like back and legs take longer and will likely be addressed in different sessions.

The cost of  what amounts to total body will vary depending on the amount of sessions you'll need. Best to check with several providers in the area you live. Ask about what laser is being used, what their treatment end-points and guarantees are. You could be looking at $7500 or higher.

Good Luck!

Laser hair removal on most of the body

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I'm not sure what double pass laser hair removal is, but just be cautious if you are going to have a large body surface area treated, that you don't use a numbing cream over such a large area prior to the laser which can be painful. Such a huge amount of numbing cream can cause a complication such as toxicity.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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