1 Month Post Op - Massaging FTT/MR Scar and Heard a LOUD Pop

Hello! I am almost 5 weeks PO from a Full Tummy Tuck w/ Muscle Repair and I was instructed by my doctor to massage my scar as I had some hard spots of fat nacrosis near my pubic line. Last night I was massaging the scar and next thing you know I hear a LOUD pop in the area about my pubic bone. It almost sounded like I was popping buble wrap. There was no pain. I looked and saw nothing that looks different. Do you think it was an internal stich or that I messed up my TT? Thx so much!!!

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Scar Massage.

It's possible, at only the 5 week point, that you disrupted one of the sutures below your skin.  This is a time when those sutures have not yet dissolved, but they aren't serving the same purpose they served at the beginning of your recovery.  You likely have little to worry about.  If there is any pain, discomfort or a change in the appearance I would have your doctor take a look.

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Popping sound with scar massage

5 weeks out and you are massaging the scar and you hear a POP.  One POP and no residual pain or deformity.  You messed up nothing.  It was, as you said, probably a stitch that popped.  It's not the first time that that has happened.  There are probably a hundred stitches in there.  One is usually inconsequential.

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