Montgomery's Gland into Keloids That Still Pop Like Pimples? (photo)

The Montgomery's glands on my aureolas get "whiteheads" in them (not infected) since I hit puberty 10 yrs ago. Every 2 weeks, they "come to a head" w/ sebum(?), & I end up popping them; then the swelling subsides. Several turned into cysts that when popped left a keyloid. Now all the Montgomery's glands are raised & firm keyloids that still fill up w/ whitehead looking stuff that swell and decrease when popped. There's about 20 per breast. Will a topical corticosteroid help? If not, what?

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Montgomery's Glands

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Montgomery's glands around the nipple can often become irritated and occasionally can become infected.  Topical corticosteroids probably will not resolve the problem alone, but may be tried as a temporary stop gap treatment.  Larger, more problematic glands can be excised surgically.  If multiple glands are involved and are significantly problematic, a ring of them can be excised.  the trade off would be the resulting scar around the edge of the areola.  

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