Can I take melanotan after my breast augmentation surgery?

I got my surgery on Monday 355cc silicone under the muscle and it has been really hard to sleep at night and I used to take melatonin does it cause something if I take it

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Postoperative medications

Ultimately, the only person who should be dictating your postoperative instructions and limitations is the surgeon who performs the procedure.  Only he/she knows your background, your specific case, the surgical maneuvers planned and performed, etc.  While we online consultants aim to help as much as possible, it is not appropriately that we be dictating any aspect of the postoperative care for a patient with whom we are not familiar, nor have even met.

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For my patients, the answer would be yes it would have nothing to do with the healing of a breast augmentation. Each surgeon, however, has their own thoughts about the postoperative course and recommendations for their own patients and, therefore, I would at least call your physician's office and get their input. Congratulations on your surgery.

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Melatonin after BBA

When it comes to post-operative instructions, please relay your questions to your plastic surgeon as we all have our own post-operative instructions.

Generally speaking, you should be able to take it, but just discuss it with your surgeon before doing so as they may have better suggestions to allow you to get rest and sleep.

Hope this helps.

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