Severe itching and numb spots after Breast Reduction...any way to sooth the itch? (5 weeks post op)

I'm 5 weeks post op with a breast reduction. I experienced burning/prickly sensations on my breast for a few weeks and for the most part that has calmed Down considerably (however it still happens) now they itch sooooo much and I don't scratch but I do try to rub vitamin e oil to try and sooth it but nothing happens. Also i have numb spots and it itches around them... it's like an itch under the skin I can't reach...The crazy thing is it itches but it is unpleasant to touch... Idk what to do...

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Itching 5 weeks after surgery

Sorry that you're being aggravated during her recovery. You might want to try some topical calamine lotion. This may reduce the itching. It sounds like you may have a little bit of hyperactive nerves at this point also that just need to settle down over time. Please revisit, get an examination and recommendations by your operating 

Itching post-op

What you experiencing is completely normal.  It is very common to have areas of numbness, itching, and burning after surgery.  It is typically due to the nerves in the area.  Sometimes topical benadryl cream may help give you temporary relief for the itching.  If it continues to be unbearable, I would suggest that you ask your surgeon about his/her suggestions.  Good luck!

Anureet K. Bajaj, MD
Oklahoma City Plastic Surgeon
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