Skin Colored Raised Mole, Not Too Noticeable, What Do You Recommend?

I have a mole right in the middle of my eyebrows. Its small, a little darker than my skin and slightly raised. In some lights you cant see it but in other light it really notices, to me anyway. Covering it with make up only seems to make it worse. I wish it didnt bother me and I feel quite silly and vain but its the first thing I notice on my face and its bothered me for years. Would my gp be able to point me in the right direction for removal or will they think Im silly, as many people do! Thanks.

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Removing Moles on the Face

Wanting to remove a mole from the face is not silly at all. In fact, it is one of the more common things patients ask me about. Especially when moles are raised above the skin, they can be more noticeable and even become irritated.

I always tell patients that any mole can be removed and usually this requires a very minor surgical procedure. The one thing to keeo in mind is that you cannot cut the skin without leaving some kind of mark. Basically, you are trading your mole for a scar.

Certainly, some scars are more noticebale than others. My recommendation is to see a board certified plastic or dermatologic surgeon. These physicians are skilled in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery procedures. They can help advise you on the best technique to remove your mole and leave you with a superior cosmetic result.

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Mole removal

I would recommend that you see a board certified facial plastic surgeon or dermatologist for an evaluation and possible treatment.  There are several treatment options that can be discussed. 

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How to remove a mole on the face

Depending on its size and location, facial moles can be easily removed by one of two methods. One is a "shave excision" where the mole is actually "shaved off" at a level just below the surface of the skin. The other is an excision with suture closure which uses both dissolving and non-dissolving sutures to give the best cosmetic result. All methods of surgery will leave a scar but the trick is to minimize the scar using the proper technique. 

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