Moh's Surgery Near Eye- Is This A Complication?

Moh's surgery on cancer 1 - 1 1/2 inches from eye. 2 days post-op and swelling is much worse than before. (bottom eyelid is swollen all the way up to eye and eye is beginning to water.) Is this normal? Should I go back to the surgeon and let them check it out? During the procedure, I had a lot of bleeding and they had to cauterize some of the blood vessels. So, I'm a little worried of a possible clot.

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Swelling near the eye

This sounds like it may be the normal swelling from the location and trauma of the surgery, but you should have your Mohs surgeon look at the area to evaluate and treat if necessary.

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Swelling after Mohs

Always call your doctor after any surgery if you have questions about your recovery.  S/he may want to see you in the office to be certain you are healing properly.  That being said, swelling is much more common around the eyes and lips after Mohs than many other areas.  And, patients will often report that the swelling worsens after the first day or two since lying down can promote more swelling around the eyes. I recommend using an icepack (a frozen bag of peas or corn are great because they can conform to the area better) and also try to use a few extra pillows at night to prop your head up.  Also be sure to avoid doing exercises that will generate more bloodflow to the head such as yoga or gardening, or activities like a massage (with your face downward).

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Swelling Around The Eye After Mohs Surgery

It is very common to get swelling in the skin close to the site of a surgery. The eyelid has some of the thinnest skin in the body. The swelling in this area can therefore be more prominent, as the thicker structure of the surrounding skin can better contain swelling. In fact, swelling can often collect around the eyelid when surgery is performed on the forehead, temple or cheek. In general, swelling around the eyelid resolves within the first week after surgery. Keeping your head up and sleeping with an extra pillow at night are good ways to help speed the resolution of the swelling. If you have any questions or concerns, you should always contact your surgeon for instructions and/or reassurance.

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Swelling is normal 2 days post-op

First off, please contact your surgeon with any concerns that you may have.  I would want my patients to do the same if they had a problem.

Swelling is very normal in the immediate days after surgery.  Inflammation, bleeding, and local anesthesia can all contribute to this swelling.  It usually resolves with time, but I would go to your surgeon to have it checked out. 

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