Had Lasik 2 Weeks Ago and Touched my Eyes?

Had Lasik 2 weeks ago and while putting in my drops accidentally touched my eye with the tip of the drop bottle. Is the eye okay or should i go to the optometrist? there is just a slight ache?

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Had LASIK 2 Weeks Ago and Touched My Eyes?

Our feeling at Clearview, is that if you have any concerns about symptoms that were not there previous to your touching your eyes, you should be evaluated by your eye doctor. It is likely that you did not cause a major problem or you would be having blurred vision and persistent symptoms.

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Touched eye

As long as your vision is still good, in all probability, you did not do any damage by bumping your eye.  But, if your vision changed, you should see your ophthalmologist since you could have moved the flap which can result in permanent folds in the flap if it is not treated within 48 hours.

Craig F. Beyer, DO
Boulder Ophthalmologist

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