Developed PAH after CoolSculpting. How long should I wait before correction?

I am looking for a qualified plastic surgeon who has had lots of experience treating pah after coolsculpting and how long should I wait before correction? I had coolsculpting in June 2016

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PAH following Cool Sculpting

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If indeed you have this rare occurrence I would seek a diagnosis with the medical director of your treating center assuming it's a board certified plastic surgeon. They need to assess your photos and do a physical assessment. If it is not, don't make the mistake of seeking treatment from someone not experienced in this matter. In my practice we have seen this in one of our own clients and had 2 referrals from other practices. Our Cool Sculpt Nurses help coordinate the reporting and incidence with Zeltiq and I would do any corrective surgery. Best of Luck. 

PAH! What to do!

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Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia is a vexing and unusual sequela following Coolsculpting. While the incidence of this is very rare, with the treatments of Coolsculpting getting into the millions it is understandable why more cases are being reported. I have heard of cases from other physicians and even had a patient myself who was well documented and demonstrated an increase in volume in the treated area. Conservative measures and determination that her symptoms were not from a unrelated weight gain allowed for a thoughtful and clinical evaluation. Treatment with liposuction addressed the patient's concerns. Her "trouble" areas were resolved with liposuction and she is extremely happy 

Who to fix PAH after CoolSculpting?

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Thank you for your question deceived. If you feel PAH post CoolSculpting is what is happening to you and you are this far out from the actual treatment I would proceed to the office where you had the procedure done; have an evaluation to confirm and have the office contact Zeltiq to start the process of getting a plastic surgeon in your area to correct your problem. Remember this is a treatment done worldwide and the occurrence of PAH, rare, hence finding a "plastic surgeon with lots of experience" not likely. However a plastic surgeon with lots of liposuction experience will not be hard to find which is the corrective measure for PAH.....Liposuction. Best wishes.

Paul Pietro, MD
Greenville Physician

PAH after CoolSculpting

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Hi there. Sorry to hear you're having a difficult time with your CoolSculpting experience.

As you are now very likely aware, Paradoxical Adipocyte Hyperplasia (PAH) is an extremely rare, but still recognized potential complication of CoolSculpting. When it does occur there usually is a treatment option.

To answer your question specifically

1- it will be difficult to find any Plastic Surgeon with "lots" of experience treating PAH because it is so rare. I might suggest you look for Plastic Surgeons with experience in Body Contouring and Liposuction (preferrably who also use CoolSculpting in their practice). Thankfully for you, there are a number of qualified practitioners in your general area.

2- regarding timing, 6months post treatment would be adequate time to confirm that PAH has actually occurred. From then on you can consider your treatment options in more detail.

First and foremost, return to your treatment clinic and go through the necessary steps to confirm the diagnosis. Then provide the information to Zeltiq and move on from there.

Note that when post CoolSculpting PAH is confirmed, Zeltiq will often assist with the fees associated with any correction.

Best of Luck.

Dr Nodwell

Trefor Nodwell, MD
Ottawa Plastic Surgeon
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