Mirena make boobs bigger?

Im 19 half weeks post reduction. I had mirena (similar to iud) fitted few weeks ago and I looked on google, it said mirena will cause bigger boobs! :-( Is this true?

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Mirena and breast size.

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Mirena is a progesterone eluting form of birth control. Because progesterone is an important signal for breast growth, it is possible that Mirena would increase the size of your breasts. The reason that mirena is popular, however, is that it uses very low levels of the hormone and delivers most of it to the area that it is supposed to effect, your reproductive organs. The circulating levels are much lower than in oral contraceptives which is part of why it is used so frequently. In short, it may effect breast growth but would be expected to do less than oral progesterone agents.
Dr. Pyle

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