Minor Scar Tissue and Laser Tattoo Removal? (photo)

I have a question. I have a tattoo that was placed November last year, it hurt so bad to be placed and the lines blew out in some areas and in others were raised for weeks while healing... The lines did go down some but when putting some pressure and feeling the outline it's raised in some places. It's not visible that's it raised but I notice it. Will laser tattoo removal make this worse? I'm scared that more collagen or whatever it is will form following laser treatment.

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Older laser technology can cause some scarring.  You are a great candidate for Picosure laser tattoo removal.  Not only is this laser much more effective for tattoo removal, (ie 6 treatments, vs 20), it often improves scars also.

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Scarring From Tattoo Removal?

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There is always a small risk of scarring when having laser tattoo removal done.  The best way to minimize scarring would be to use a laser that has nanosecond pulse.  However minimal scarring may still occur.  Generally speaking, any scarring that does occur is very mild, and is rare.  However, we recommend that you see a Board Certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon for this procedure, as they would have the most knowledge and expertise on tattoo removal and the skin. “Dr. D”

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Will Laser tattoo removal scar?

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Thank you for your question.  Anytime a laser is used for tattoo removal, there is a small risk of scarring. The color of the ink and depth of the tattoo pigment often play a role. 

For best results with minimal scarring, it is recommended to have laser tattoo removal treatments with a laser that has nanosecond or picosecond pulse technology.  The RevLite and Picosure are examples of this technology.  Short laser pulse durations greatly reduce the risk of damage to the skin which results in less scarring and skin depigmentation.

See a licensed physician in your area for a full evaluation prior to starting treatments.

I hope this helps.

J. Jason Wendel, MD, FACS
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