Micro Lipo Sculpture to Face Necessary? (photo)

Hello! I had a consultation with a PS recently regarding submental liposuction. Micro liposuction to my face was also suggested to help with jowling/chipmunk cheeks. Just wanted to get a second opinion in regards to if this is a good idea, there's not very much information online. I am 28, 5"5 and a healthy weight....the chipmunk cheeks and dbl chin are hereditary. Would facial lipo produce a better result to my appearance than just submental lipo alone?

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Liposuction of Face, Jaws, Submental Area

  In general, the area under the chin responds well to liposuction, and the other areas tend to have less improvement.  Depending upon skin laxity and fatty deposits, these areas may all be appropriate.  I would say that in a young individual such as yourself I would not recommend facial liposuction of any kind.  The submental area may be appropriate.

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Facial Micro Sculpture?

First, I do not see very much excess fat below your chin or face.  I would not liposuction any patient's face and by your pictures I would not liposuction beneath your chin.  Liposuction of the face has several bad outcomes, such as possible nerve injury, contour deformities, deflation of face which makes patients look older than their age.  A youthful face is a round/fuller appearance.

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Liposculpting with the micro cannulas would make such a great improvement.

Liposculpting with the micro canulas of the submentum (area under the chin) would do great but your jowls and jawline would look huge.  You need to do both the jawline, jowls and submentum all together to really give the best results and it is so easy to undergo under local anesthesia with a quick recovery and almost no bruising for roughly $2500-3250. Sincerely,

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